Many moons back, this all started. The creation of the Skype group(s). I like to think the group(s) are together still. (I mean when this was made back at the 2015, Cow Chop nor Discord were a thing, now that is the popular thing in April 2017)

For all the mistakes I made, I'm glad friends and relationships were made, though not be me, people have connected through Cow Chop and Rooster Teeth. As I have now completed my rehab, going out into the world with a stable job I look back at the person I was and am now. Words can't heal the people I hurt/upset. No matter all the people I spoke too through my rehabilitation, I can't say sorry and walk back into peoples lifes. I deserve to be shamed. I understand now that I am wrong. I check up on people from afar to see if the group(s) are doing good and at one point was nearly bought back and still am in contact with a few and was ironically been placed back in my first ever Creature group.

If anyone comes looking at this ever, or if it lies dead from here on in, I will still be around (*) . Would I like to come back to the groups? Yes. Would I be wanted by everyone? No. And that's perfectly understandable.

  • - Until the Creatures are pronounced dead, which could be tommorow or 5 years time.
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